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Innovations International is a visionary human resource consulting firm that provides learning, assessments, and guidance, both in-person and online.

Our offerings span a variety of areas from diversity, performance, and leadership to creativity, innovation, and quantum-thinking. The common theme which has distinguished our offerings for more than 35 years is personal and organizational transformation.

Quest for Excellence

The Legacy of Innovations

Innovations International

As we move into the 2020s, Innovations has created and designed progressive learning programs and measurement instruments to address the present and future challenges we face in terms of integrating human performance, technology and culture.

The transition from the established era of Human Potential to Technology Integration to Artificial Intelligence is a harbinger of the incredible potential of creating the optimal balance of people and machines. People create, innovate, and even quantum-think. They have always been the driving force of progress and addressing the challenges faced by the necessity of human transformation.

Innovations has developed the expertise and offerings to address the present and future challenges we are encountering during the mid-2020s. While maintaining our established advances in diversity, inclusion, and leadership, we have developed progressive learning programs which deal with human equality, compatible working environments, resiliency, and quantum-thinking.

Innovations International

Our legacy and brand have always been personal and organizational transformation—the progressive focus on exceptional human performance, with the integration of technology, progressive culture, and leadership driven by quantum-thinking.

Whether aided by innovation, technology, or progressive systems, People have always been at center-stage in our continuing Quest for Excellence.

Innovations International
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