Innovations international, INC.


Education, Training, and Experiential Learning

  • Powerful facilitated presentations
  • Participant-focused with an emphasis on adult-learning
  • 80% experiential and 20% interactive dialogue
  • Participant-participant interactive learning
  • Experiential learning through workplace applications

Online Single-User and Facilitated Programs

Single-User Designed:

  • For easy use and navigation
  • To engage unique learning exercises
  • To accommodate the participant’s pace
  • For the convenience of anytime, anywhere

Facilitated Designed Virtual Learning Experience:

  • For team breakout sessions
  • To clarify complex concepts
  • For real-time polling feedback
  • For real-time facilitator-participating learning
  • For pre-work preparation for critical concepts

Facilitator-Led Transformational Conversations

A novel approach to highly interactive and engaging team and group conversations which shift and expand participants’ potential for exceptional performance.

Surveys and Audits Measurements

  • An evaluation of people, performance, and productivity
  • The measurement of cultural and performance initiatives
  • The measurement of strengths and weaknesses of organizational performance
  • The measurement of cultural disparities as a function of demographics
  • Open employees’ opinions summarized

Strategic Planning

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cultural Competence
  • Engagement
  • Compatibility
  • The FuturePerfect Organization

Executive Coaching

  • Personal Work-Related Coaching
  • Performance-Related Coaching

Exceptional Creative Design

Innovations is distinguished by its customized, creative design in any of our subject matter offerings.
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