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Innovations international, INC.

About Us

Innovations International, Inc.

Innovations International, Inc. (Innovations) was established in 1983 as a performance-oriented consulting firm specializing in personal and organizational transformation. Our consulting offerings include diversity and inclusion, leadership, high performance, work-life integration, creativity and innovation, and quantum-thinking. Our expertise includes education and training, personal and organizational surveys, organizational assessments and audits, strategic planning, organizational transformation, executive coaching, and creative design of new materials, concepts, and interventions. We are a full-service consulting firm with more than ten Senior Facilitators who are experts in the full range of consulting services in the areas described above.

Innovations Mission

To facilitate online and person to person learning experiences and processes that result in individual and organizational transformation necessary to create synergism, synchronicity, and exceptional performance. More specifically, to create a no-limits culture in terms of creativity, innovation, and customer success.

Value Proposition

Innovations Learning Programs:

  • Ensures exceptional individual and organizational performance
  • Provides experiential mastery of in-person and virtual teaming
  • Shows how to integrate differences for higher-order thinking
  • Establishes the skills of exceptional employees and advanced leadership
  • Integrates creativity, innovation, and quantum-thinking into day-to-day operation
  • Shows how to use quantum-thinking to identify future business paradigms

Innovations Core Values

  • People are most valued and irreplaceable asset
  • Empowerment is the expectation of performance capability
  • Responsibility & Accountability are the foundation of how we function
  • Human Equality is the foundation for diversity, inclusion, and performance
  • Integrity is a state of honesty and having strong ethical and moral principles
  • Clients and Customers are the reason Innovations exist

Innovations Principals

William A. Guillory, Ph.D.

William A. Guillory, Ph.D.

President and CEO

William A. Guillory, Ph.D. is an authority on diversity, leadership, high performance, creativity and innovation, and quantum-thinking. He has an in-depth understanding of the challenges that are at the forefront of our thinking, such as Creating Virtually Engaging Workspaces; The FuturePerfect Organization—Driven by Quantum-Thinking; The Confluence of Human Potential and Technology Integration; Creating a Culture of Compatibility; Creating a Framework of Resiliency; and Higher-Order Creativity, Quantum-Thinking, and Consciousness Exploration.

Daniel S. Guillory

Daniel S. Guillory, ESQ

Board Member

Daniel S. Guillory, Esq. serves as General Counsel for Innovations. Prior to working with Innovations, Mr. Guillory was a corporate and securities associate at Pillsbury Madison & Sutro LLP, and remains a member of the California Bar. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School and his B.A. in international relations from Stanford University. In addition, Mr. Guillory studied international law at the Université de Paris I―Panthéon Sorbonne. He is fluent in French and conversant in German. In addition to diversity, inclusion, and high performance, Danny specializes in Creativity, Innovation, and Quantum-Thinking.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely, B.S.

Lead Senior Facilitator

Mr. Jeffon Seely, BS in Accounting is one of the most dynamic transformational speakers and senior workshop facilitators. His presentations include a wide range of subjects, including Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Empowerment, Engagement, Generations, and Organizational Transformation. He is exceptionally talented in facilitating the recently emerging programs involving mindfulness, unconscious bias, and emotional intelligence. He is Innovations’ lead facilitator in our recently developed offerings involving Resiliency in adapting, preparing, and successfully navigating the uncertainties of changing times.

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