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Featured Learning Programs for the 2020s:

The emerging paradigm of the mid-2020s, Artificial Intelligence, has shifted expectations from high performance to exceptional performance. In response, we feature the following offerings, in addition to our well-established learning programs.
  1. Diversity, Inclusion, and High Performance

    (Inclusive of Unconscious Bias, The Power of Inclusion, and Engagement)

  2. Leadership Competencies for the 21 st Century

    (A Comprehensive Eight-Module Program of two-hours each)

  3. Creativity and Innovation

    (A Stimulating one-day course for integrating creativity into workplace performance)

  4. A Medium of Equality, Equity, and Inclusion – The Next Organizational Paradigm

    (The Next Generation of Diversity)

  5. For highly progressive organizations, we also unveil four next-generation learning programs:
  6. The FuturePerfect Organization—Driven by Quantum-Thinking

    (Leadership and Customer Service versions)

  7. Higher-Level Creativity, Quantum-Thinking, and Consciousness Exploration

    (Advanced Creativity and Innovation Offerings)

  8. Creating a Culture of Compatibility

    (The Cultural Transformation Successor to Inclusion)

  9. Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

    (Work/Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Well-Being for Leadership, Management, and the Workforce)

Specialized Consulting Services:

  1. Executive Coaching

    A uniquely designed in-person or online facilitative, one-on-one interaction with emphasis on the concepts of responsibility and accountability, empowerment, inclusive leadership, and quantum-thinking.

  2. In addition, Innovations has designed an online single-user program titled, Creating a Framework of Resiliency, to assist the world population in readapting to the workplace in the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Creative Design Creatively-designed, interactive exercises, logos, modules, power point presentations, workbooks, online virtual learning experiences, etc.

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